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Yes! I want to know how a 16 year-old overcame paralysis!
 "Do you believe in Miracles?" This powerful journey of one's woman's experiences in conquering her "Goliath" and making the most out of her life, as she knows each and every one of us can too regardless of the hand life has dealt us, is a wonderful example of the power and potential of the human spirit put into action.
              - Ifida Known, Author, Speaker, Consultant 

Everybody faces tough times at one time or another...Jenny's Journeys is a beautiful and intimate journey of the highs and lows one faces when a life-altering illness shows up at your door...and how it really is possible to turn lemons into lemonade; and to see challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn. I was very moved and inspired by her stories!
                          -Jennifer Carter, Speaker, Coach

"If you have the desire, it is possible to change nearly every aspect of your life, if you really want to. The stories of Jenny's Journeys are proof positive that desire is where it all begins."
 - John Childers, Million $ Speaker Trainer and Author

"This book brought a lot of emotions out of me. Jenny shows that through her journeys, she is not a victim, then or now. Her smile shows through her words. Everyone could benefit from reading about Jenny's Journeys." 
- Myrna Jensen, mother & grandmother, Canada

I think of you often. You were such a great inspiration and support to me when I was first diagnosed in fact because I knew you, I was able to face my diagnosis with hope and confidence and not so much fear. Thank you! Thank you for being there for me. I wanted to let you know just how much of an impact you have been in my life through your book and your talks.
                   - Valerie Toth Keys, mother & member
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